11GPM Logsplitter Pump

Generic Brand IHI-HLP-11

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11GPM 2-Stage Pump Log Splitter Pump

11 GPM Logsplitter Pump

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Hard working and fast, this hydraulic 2-stage Hi/Lo gear pump flows 11GPM at low-pressure with maximum pressure of 3000 PSI on the high-pressure side.

Automatically changes from Low-Pressure/High Speed to High-Pressure/Low-Speed at preset 900 psi (adjustable).
The body of the 11 GPM hydraulic pump is all aluminum for light-weight and the endplates are cast-steel for durability. Designed specifically for log splitters, presses, compactors and other equipment where cylinder must extent/retract rapidly at low pressure and switch to high-pressure when loaded is met.

Direct replacement for most OEM logsplitters. Log splitter hydraulic pump will mount to any standard 4-Bolt mounting flange.

Try our Log Splitter Speed Calculator to figure out how fast your cylinder/pump combination will be!

11 GPM Log Splitter Pump Features

  • High-Speed, High Pressure
  • 3000 PSI Max Pressure
  • 1 Year Warranty

Product Specifications

Input HP6
Max PSI3000
Shaft Diameter1/2"
Shaft Length1-1/2"
Shaft TypeKeyed
Inlet Port1"
Outlet Port1/2"
Port TypeNPT
Disp. (High)0.22
Disp. (Low)0.54
Pump GPM11



Excellent , 4/17/15
By Mitch
Do not purchase your pumps anywhere but here!!! Dave was excellent. I needed a different size coupling which was not listed on their site and Dave was able to provide the part number for me. They sent me the wrong size originally but then sent me the right size at no cost and promptly! I did need to cut the hole for the coupling larger through the mount. Now that it is installed my splitter hasn't worked this good since the day I bought it!!! It just melts through the wood like butter!!!! I'm talking 3 foot diameter wood or more. It's faster and doesn't strain at all. My motor doesn't even grunt!!!
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  • From Brad W. at 1/23/13 7:19 PM
    • I recently purchased your 11-gpm hyd. pump to replace one stolen from my log splitter. I did endless hours of research before I bought a pump, and found yours to be pretty much the right one for the job. However, I did notice beforehand that the pump had a 1" in. dia. for the outlet port, while all 11-gpm pumps I looked at had 1/2 in. ports. Could the difference in diameters have anything to do with the failure of the crankshaft flange on the engine? In other words, could the excess flow of fluid cause the pump to sieze up and in return, cause the failure(breakage) of the flange? I would very much like to receive a reply to this question as I certainly don't want the same thing to happen again. Thank You Brad W.
    • It will only draw enough fluid for the displacement of gears to push through, so having a bigger inlet really doesn't affect the it at all. We've sold thousands of the 11 GPM log splitter pumps and they are pretty bulletproof, so it's unlikely the pump had anything to do with your mounting flange breaking.
  • From Dominick at 2/1/13 8:31 PM
    • I have been looking at different sites for a 13 GPM pump can you tell me if they even make one with a 1/2 in inlet and a 1/2 in outlet?
    • It's not very common, but they can be ordered. It's quite a bit more expensive so it's usually much easier & more cost effective to just adapt the fittings.
  • From Stephen Gwynn at 2/23/13 3:41 PM
    • I have 212cc engine from harbor freight. I need to mount a pump on engine for log splitter. What will i need in the way of a pump and hardware?
    • You will need the pump, mounting bracket & shaft couplings. Our medium bracket should mount up just fine, as long as it has the 6.5" mounting pattern & 5.75" pilot.
  • From joe f at 4/16/13 11:26 PM
    • what would be the min and max rpm for this pump?
    • No minimum rpm, 3600 RPM's Max. Thanks!
  • From Kristoffer at 4/14/14 9:24 AM
    • Hi

      At what rpm does the pump supply 11 GPM?

    • Full flow is at 3600 RPM with all 2-stage pumps.
  • From Kristoffer at 4/22/14 5:10 AM
    • Hi

      At what rpm are the pump supplying 11 gpm?

      / Kristoffer
    • It delivers full flow @ 3600 RPM
  • From Tom at 12/17/14 11:19 PM
    • Is there any reason this pump could NOT be used to run a hydraulic motor of the appropriate displacement? I'm thinking of a go-cart application so I'd have forward and reverse as well as an "automatic" two-speed transmission. If it would work, would the sound level be objectionable?
    • That's an interesting idea. I've never seen it used in that kind of application, so I can't say for sure how it will turn out, but, sure, in theory it could work.
  • From Mitch at 4/6/15 7:39 PM
    • This pump will be replacing an MTD pump part no. 918-04127 which has a 7/16 keyed shaft. All other specs will work. Is there an adaptor I can purchase for this or a new nuckle that will mesh with my existing nuckle?
    • Yes, you just need to change the jaw coupling half.
  • From Marco at 8/24/16 7:55 PM
    • have you ever successfully heard of people running this pump on an electric motor? electric motors are typically spec'ed at no load, so a 6hp motor once loaded will not make 6hp. that rating is calculated from the volts and amps of the motor. what real size electric motor is needed to run this pump?
    • I've seen this one run with a 5HP electric motor. I can't vouch for the life expectancy or efficiency, but maybe you can start from there.
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