16 GPM Log Splitter Pump

Generic Brand IHI-HLP-16

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2-Stage 16GPM Hydraulic Pump for Log Splitter 

16 GPM Logsplitter Pump

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Our Best Selling Log Splitter Pump!

Hard working and fast, our 16 gpm hydraulic pump flows 16 gpm at low-pressure with maximum pressure of 3,000 PSI on the high-pressure side.

16 GPM Hydraulic Pump automatically changes from Low-Pressure/High Speed to High-Pressure/Low-Speed at preset 900 psi (adjustable).
The body of the pump is all aluminum for light-weight and the endplates are cast-steel for durability. Designed specifically for log splitters, presses, compactors and other equipment where cylinder must extent/retract rapidly at low pressure and switch to high-pressure when loaded is met.

Direct replacement for most OEM log splitter pumps. Hydraulic pump for log splitters will mount to any standard 4-Bolt mounting flange.

Try our Log Splitter Speed Calculator to figure out how fast your cylinder/pump combination will be!

16 GPM Log Splitter Pump Features

  • High-Speed, High Pressure
  • 3000 PSI Max Pressure
  • 1 Year Warranty

Product Specifications

Input HP8
Max PSI3000
Shaft Diameter1/2"
Shaft Length1-1/2"
Shaft TypeKeyed
Inlet Port1"
Outlet Port1/2"
Port TypeNPT
Disp. (High)0.27
Disp. (Low)0.79
Pump GPM16



excellent , 12/16/15
By gokul
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  • From Hank at 1/16/13 3:54 PM
    • RE: 16 GPM Log Splitter Pump
      Extreme Hydraulics IHI-HLP-16

      Is the price of this pump in CCW rotation the same as CW rotation and what is the part number?
    • The CCW would be special ordered and would require a quote.
  • From Kenny Fields at 1/27/13 1:04 PM
    • I'm looking to replace my old pump with a 2 stage. My question(s) is can the pump be mounted in any position and can the pump be belt driven? Right now ( and for the past 35 yrs.) I am using a hydraulic pump that came off of a combine and it belt driven by a vertical shaft B&S 8 HP engine.
    • It can be mounted at any angle. Belt-drive will put a bit more load on the the shaft, which might shorten the lifespan a bit, but it will work fine. Make sure the rotation is correct, however.
  • From Henri F. Mos at 2/25/13 10:36 AM
    • Please advise the proper way to determine rotation on a belt driven 16GPM 2-Stage Log Splitter Hydraulic Pump. Thanks
    • You always determine rotation with the shaft pointing at you. In a direct coupled situation, the pump rotation is always opposite the motor, but with a belt drive it's most often the other way around.
  • From Froggy at 3/3/13 2:53 PM
    • I have a 35 to tractor supply special splitter that now has a bum pump (Haldex pump, can't reference the #'s)will this pump wok on this splitter? Also will it work in the vertical position on an 11hp motor?
    • It should work just fine. You may have to adapt the ports.
  • From Dan brown at 3/12/13 12:55 PM
    • Is the gpm based on 3600rpm? If so, then running your motor at 1800 would only be 8 gpm on a 16 gpm pump?
    • That's correct.
  • From jon at 11/30/13 2:31 PM
    • What type of hydraulic fluid should be run through the 16 GPM pump? I was told Iso 32 or atf....
    • Standard hydraulic fluid from any tractor supply is fine, but ATF works as well.
  • From Rrogers at 1/2/14 8:39 PM
    • Will a 6 1/2 Horse motor run this?
    • Probably, but you won't be able to go to full pressure.
  • From Robert at 3/30/14 12:40 PM
    • Would a 5.5 hp B&S be enough motor for this pump?
    • Probably not enough to run at full pressure. You will likely stall the motor.
  • From Clay at 2/23/15 3:06 PM
    • I have a 9.5 hp honda engine should I purchase the 16 or the 22 gpm pump?
    • The 22 GPM log splitter pump will probably stall the 9.5 HP engine.
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