28 GPM Log Splitter Pump

Generic Brand IHI-HLP-28

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28 GPM 2-Stage Pump Log Splitter Pump

28 GPM 2-Stage Logsplitter Pump

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Hard working and fast, this hydraulic 2-stage Hi/Lo gear pump flows 28 GPM at low-pressure with maximum pressure of 3,000 PSI on the high-pressure side.

This 28 GPM Log Splitter Pump automatically changes from Low-Pressure/High Speed to High-Pressure/Low-Speed at preset 900 psi (adjustable). The body of the pump and the endplates are cast-steel for durability. The 2-stage hydraulic pump is designed specifically for log splitters, presses, compactors and other equipment where cylinder must extent/retract rapidly at low pressure and switch to high-pressure when loaded is met.
Direct replacement for most OEM logsplitters. This fast log splitter pump will mount to any standard 2-Bolt A mounting flange.

Try our Log Splitter Speed Calculator to figure out how fast your cylinder/pump combination will be!

28 GPM Log Splitter Pump Features:

- High-Speed, High Pressure
- 3000 PSI Max Pressure
- 1 Year Warranty

Product Specifications

Input HP16
Max PSI3000
Shaft Diameter5/8"
Shaft Length1-1/2"
Shaft TypeKeyed
Inlet Port1"
Outlet Port3/4"
Port TypeNPT
Disp. (High)0.465
Disp. (Low)1.86
Pump GPM28



finding info , 3/19/16
By HoBo
sometimes just need to look down a little

Product Specifications

Input HP 16
Max PSI 3000
Shaft Diameter 5/8"
Shaft Length 1-1/2"
Shaft Type Keyed
Inlet Port 1"
Outlet Port 3/4"
Hmmmm , 8/7/12
By Tom,Dick and Harry
Here I am interested in this pump im building a log splitter and i need to know the size of the shaft well i look and look i see no nothing on this pump LxHxW
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  • From Chris at 2/5/13 6:53 AM
    • I bought this pump to power my 4 ft wood spliter and love it. It is hocked to a wisconsin engine and will split any thing I put in it. The price was the best i could find so thanks for that.
    • Thanks for the feedback!
  • From Larry Stone at 2/8/13 8:48 PM
    • can this (28 gpm) pump be mounted with the shaft verticle, pump below engine.
    • Yes, it can be mounted that way.
  • From jc at 2/2/14 7:45 PM
    • can you use a 25 GPM Valve on a 28 GPM pump without damage to the valve
    • It probably won't hurt the valve, it would just build up heat over time if you were to flow the full 28 GPM through it. I would recommend just slowing the engine to reduce output.
  • From gary at 2/12/14 11:01 AM
    • What rpm should this pump be operated at? Would 540 be to slow ?
    • Yes, PTO speeds won't get you much flow. 3,600 RPM is max flow.
  • From donald at 3/13/14 2:33 AM
    • I bought the 28 gpm pump and I am very pleased with the speed, I hav a 24 in stroke with a 7 in bore with a 3 in rod that comes out of the cylinder, i put this on my homemade wood splitter and like i said im very happy with the speed, thanks to the ppl at international hydraulic place .. you ppl are great and btw the price is very very reasonable as well
    • Thanks for your feedback! We really appreciate it.
  • From Carlo at 10/8/14 6:27 PM
    • Would you be able to tell me at what RPM should this run?
    • 3,600 RPM is the maximum.
  • From matt at 2/10/15 3:07 AM
    • I calculated the efficiency using this question. HP = (gpm*psi) / (1714*efficiency). In order for it to have an input hp of 16, a gpm of 28, and a psi of 900, it must have an efficiency of 92%. Isn't that really high?

      Also, what is the gpm when it is running at 3000 psi?
    • That's pretty accurate for a gear pump.

      The PSI won't affect the GPM, only RPM's will.
  • From kenneth at 4/13/16 10:40 AM
    • I have a Subaru Robin gear reduction motor. It makes 10hp at the engines 3600 RPM but the gear reduction drops the PTO speed to 1800 (torque is approximately double) would this motor be able to turn this pump and how many GPM would I approximately get turning it at 1800 only?
    • Half the rotations = half the flow.
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