Extreme Hydraulic Cylinders

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What would you like to know about Hydraulic Cylinders for extreme applications?

International Hydraulics carries hydraulic cylinders built for extreme applications from quality brands such as Prince Manufacturing and Lion Hydraulics. All of the cylinders sold are thoroughly tested and stand up to the competition in quality and performance. Every cylinder conforms to the highest tolerances and is pressure tested before it leaves the factory.

Welded Cross-Tube Hydraulic Cylinder
Welded Tee (Cross-tube) Cylinders

Using welded-on cross tubes instead of clevises makes these cylinders more compact. The simple construction & built-in grease fittings of the tube-ends tend to be stronger & longer lasting than clevises. These types of cylinders are common on tractor front-end loaders, skidsteers & bobcat’s, excavation equipment and most construction equipment’s hydraulics.

Welded Clevis Hydraulic Cylinder
Welded Clevis Cylinders

These cylinders are dimensionally the same as tie-rod cylinders but are built to take a real beating. The body is welded together with a screw-in head, a beefier piston, forged instead of cast clevis ends, and heartier seals, making it much more heavy-duty. Rated at 3000 PSI, welded hydraulic cylinders have the capacity to lift the heaviest of loads and their welded construction provides fewer possibilities for leaking.

Tie-Rod Hydraulic Cylinders
Tie-Rod Cylinders

Value-conscious buyers will love our tie-rod cylinders. Rated at 2500 PSI, tie-rod cylinders are the work-horse of agriculural hydraulic cylinders. Tie-Rod cylinders have clevis ends or “yokes” on each end and are held together with 4 long “tie-rod” bolts. Tie-rod cylinders are economical and easy to rebuild, making them favorites around the farm, in dump trailers and many other medium duty applications.

Telescopic Cylinders

International Hydraulics is proud to distribute Parker Hydraulic Cylinders, one of the largest independent manufacturers of telescoping hydraulic cylinders. Our selection of telescopic cylinders includes both single-acting & double acting units. Since Parker merged with Commercial Hydraulics in 2000, they have become one of the world's leading manufacturers of telescopic hydraulic cylinders for mobile applications such as Dump Truck hydraulics. Reference our catalog below for our extensive list of hydraulic cylinders for sale.

Parker Hydraulic Cylinders We can cross reference most Brand & Models of telescopic cylinders including:
-Custom Hoist
-EZ Pack
-MTM / McNeilus
-Peabody Galion
-Many More!

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