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Hydraulics Log Splitter Pump Video

Watch our log splitter pump video!

In this Episode, our lovely hydraulics girl takes you through the key features of our 2-stage high-low log splitter pumps. She first details teh 22 & 28 GPM High-flow pumps and then then the 11,13 & 16 gpm pumps.

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New Video – Hydraulics Log Splitter Valve

This our first in a series of short video installments to highlight & educate our audience on some of the basic features of hydraulic components. Today’s topic is the hydraulic log splitter valve. This video points out the port locations and the log splitter valve adjustment points.

Remember, if you are looking for how to adjust a log splitter valve, it’s clockwise to increase pressure, counter clockwise to decrease.

Try our Log Splitter Speed Calculator!

If you are building, repairing or upgrading a log splitter, why don’t you check out our Log Splitter Speed Calculator?

This handy tool lets you input the GPM of the hydraulic pump that you are looking to use, the bore, stroke & rod diameter of the hydraulic cylinder, and “Voila” you know about how fast the splitter will be (empty, of course).

Kick it around, play with it, bookmark it, do whatever, just use it! And Thanks for stopping by.