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Hydraulics 101: What is the Bore of a Hydraulic Cylinder?

Sometimes we talk about things in a way that makes perfect sense to us, forgetting that it may not make a lot of sense to people that are not “in the business” of our industry. So I’m starting this new series of posts for those new to hydraulics & hydraulic cylinders in particular. We will try to keep the posts short, to the point, easy to understand & informative.

So, what is the “Bore” of a hydraulic cylinder & why is it important?
The bore is simply the INSIDE DIAMETER of the tube of the cylinder.
hydraulics 101 - hydraulic cylinder bore

The Bore of the cylinder determines the total power of the cylinder. The larger the bore, the more it can lift or push. If you see or hear us talking about a “4 inch” cylinder, we are always talking about the bore of the cylinder. The outside diameter (OD) is usually about 1/2″ larger than the bore, but it depends on the wall thickness, so if you measured your cylinder from the outside and it measures 4-1/2″, you can be pretty sure its a 4″ Bore cylinder.


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