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How to Wire a Dump Trailer Remote

Knowing how to wire a dump trailer remote can be a little confusing, but just relax, we are here to help!

The first thing to consider: Are you wiring a Power-Up/Power-Down (Double-Acting) or Power-Up/Gravity-Down (Single-Acting) hydraulic pump.

Dump Trailers with Power-Up/Power-Down Pump:

4-Wire Dump Trailer Pump Wiring Diagram

4-Wire Schematic - Click for the full diagram

Usually, these units use a 4-Wire remote, unless you have an older Homesteader trailer, or wiring any pump with 2 “Starter Solenoids”. If that’s the case, you can still use the 4 wire remote, you’ll not use the “Master” wire. The 4-wire remote has a wire that is “hot” with each button, one for the lift valve and another for the lowering valve, plus it has the “master” wire that is hot with either button.

Wiring is as follows:
-Green – Power (to Battery)
-Red – Raise (to Lift Valve)
-White – Down (to Lowering Valve)
-Black – Start Master (to Starter)

Trailers with Power-Up/Gravity-Down Pumps:

3-Wire Remote Wiring Diagram

3-Wire Schematic - Click for the full diagram

These units are a bit more simple, so you just have the power, starter & lowering circuits. These pumps lift when the motor starts and lower when the lowering valve is fired.

Wiring is as follows (See diagram for details):

-Green – Power (to Battery)
-White – Down (to Lowering Valve)
-Black – Start (to Starter)

Thanks for tuning in to this installment and we hope you learned something!

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