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Build Your Own Log Splitter Kit - Choose Your Cylinder Size, Pump & Valve combination in one convenient package and save.
Build the fastest, toughest splitter around using hard-working Extreme Hydraulics components. For your log splitter plans, choose from the 11 to 28 GPM Hi-Lo pumps, the 4" or 5" bore cylinder and 1/2" or 3/4" valve ports.

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Question: Which parts should you choose to build your own log splitter?

Answer: It depends on what kind of homemade log splitter you are trying to build.

For a fast cycle time but aren't too worried about splitting force for smaller logs, go with the 4X24 tie-rod cylinder & 16 GPM Pump. This will push about 15 tons & cycle in roughly 10 seconds (unloaded)

For high-pressure where speed is not an issue, You could pair the 11 GPM Pump with the 5X24 3000PSI welded cylinder for about 30 Tons splitting force with around 20 second cycle time.

If you want to build your own log splitter and get a lot of work done fast, pony-up for the 5X24 welded cylinder & our NEW blazing fast 28 GPM pump (make sure to get the 3/4" log splitter valve) to split 30 Tons with less than 10 second cycle time (unloaded).

Small 4-Bolt Mounting bracket fits 5.5 HP Honda, 5 HP Briggs STD or IC/IP, 5 HP Robin Industrial & 5 & 6 HP Tecumseh.

Medium 4-Bolt Mounting Bracket fits 8, 10 & 11 HP Honda Engines, 7 & 8 HP Briggs STD or IC/IP, 6.5 - 11 HP HP Robin Industrial & 12-18 HP Tecumseh.

Try our Log Splitter Speed Calculator to figure out how fast your cylinder/pump combination will be!

  • *Standard Cylinder Warranty is 3 Years
  • *Standard Pump & Valve Warranty is 1 Year
  • *Call about adding Gas Engine, Shaft Couplings or other log splitter design options.


Good value , 12/1/14
By wayneg
website helped to figure out what i needed and the part were just like described. maybe add an option for log lift?
great info , 9/4/14
By dan the man
for novice splitter builders this sight is fantastic. helped me pick what I needed without going overboard. now my splitter does what I want it to do without being overpowered
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  • From John at 1/15/13 8:00 AM
    • I am wanting to build a L frame lift to be used for lifting heavy objects from the side of a 1 ton truck. The base of the L would mount in the middle of the bed and rotate 360*. Is there any reason that I couldn't improvise on the splitter set up and use your products for this application. I need to lift up to 1500lbs.
    • 1,500 lbs is not a lot for hydraulics, so I'm sure that you make something work. You will probably want to use a 12 VDC hydraulic pump to make it work.
  • From Mark Anderson at 1/25/13 8:11 AM
    • I am building my own splitter. I have a 13 GPM pump (single stage) with a 1 1/2in. inlet, that i am reducing to a 1 in. inlet, a 20 hp twin cyl engine (max 3600 rpm) my filter is 1 in also. I would like you advise on your 3/4 log splitter valve and does it have a lock detent? I also see you have a special on a pkg deal on valve,cylinder and pump, do you have any specials on valve and cylinder? I would be interested in your 4in x 24in tie rod cylinder. Also do you know the cost of shipping to Knox Indiana, Zip code 46534. Thanks
    • The log splitter valves do lock into the retract position which kicks out to neutral when fully retracted. You can call us regarding the 4x24 @ 800-231-4515.
  • From Scott Shubin at 1/25/13 1:14 PM
  • From David Pedersen at 2/14/13 11:15 AM
    • I was wondering if you had any cad models available for down
    • We don't currently have any 3d models, but it's in the works.
  • From John at 2/16/13 1:01 PM
    • How big of electric motor do I need to run your 28 Gpm pump with 5 x24"
    • It looks like a 15hp 3600 rpm motor would work.
  • From Jane at 3/4/13 2:44 PM
    • I am trying to figure what I need to build a log splitter that has a 4 second cycle time.
    • You can try our log splitter calculator:

      It looks like a 4X24 cylinder w/ 28GPM pump will put you @ 5 seconds, but you will need to put larger ports in it, because the 1/2" ports won't allow enough flow through.
  • From dave m at 3/11/14 9:50 AM
    • I have a 24hp Kubota compact tractor. I want to make a 3pt mount splitter, the unit only has a 5.5 gpm pump. The rear pto speed is 540 rpm, so I think I will probably need a geared 2 stage pump. I want to be @ 28 gpm using a 5x35 or 4.5x30 cylinder. I need to find the right size of pump for this with a fast cycle time.
    • The 2 stage pumps only generate the rated maximum flow at 3600 RPM. To get the higher flow you are looking for @540 RPM, you will need a PTO pump, which come in much larger displacements.
  • From ibrahim at 1/24/15 3:08 PM
    • I want to ask about hoses .... Can you provide hoses with order ??
    • We can provide hydraulic hoses of any configuration. Call us to to order hoses.
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