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Telescopic Cylinder Specifications

Commercial / Parker Telescopic Cylinders

Parker Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder Features:

International Hydraulics is proud to distribute Parker Hydraulic Cylinders, one of the largest independent manufacturers of telescoping hydraulic cylinders, both single-acting & double acting. Since Parker Cylinders merged with Commercial Hydraulics in 2000, they have become one of the world's leading manufacturers of cylinders for mobile applications such as Dump Truck hydraulics.

Telescopic Cylinder Features:

-Longer sleeve overlap on these Parker Clinders are for improved stability and higher column loading.
-Nylon tipped set screws that conform to the shape of the packing nut threads. It is nearly impossible for the packing nut to back off accidentally.
-Snap-on, glass-fi lled bearings that absorb contaminants without damaging cylinder walls.
-Threaded steel stop rings for easier servicing and more reliable stopping action.
-External packing nuts give added support to the tube exterior while making service procedures easier.
-These Telescopic Parker Hydraulic Cylinders have wave springs and chevron packing for self-compensating seals.
-Polyurethane rod wipers that resist higher temperatures without extrusion.
-Positive manual air bleeder prevents cavitation and “mushy” cylinder action, NOW BLEEDRELESS.
-Cast steel mountings offer dependable strength. Pin-eye and rod-end are welded into a single unit.

Parker Hydraulic Cylinders We can cross reference most Brand & Models of telescopic cylinders including:
-Custom Hoist
-EZ Pack
-MTM / McNeilus
-Peabody Galion
-Many More!

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